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Shlump releases four-track ‘Program Malfunction’ EP via Circus Records

Shlump is no stranger to left-field beats, hybrid experimentation, and far-out sounds. Since his Universal Wub co-headlining tour with LSDREAM, the Californian producer has been laying low with an ear to the ground on creating new sounds. As a result, Shlump has recently touched down again on his brand new, four-track Program Malfunction EP on Circus Records. Boundary blurring, mind-melting, and expertly engineered are a few ways to describe the effort.

The entire journey is uncharted territory for Shlump as he comes to Flux Pavilion and Doctor P‘s heavier dubstep label, a move which comes with a noticeable shift from his wonky and weird sound designs on Liquid Stranger’s Wakaan. From his collaborative joint with Call Me to lead off the project to the aptly-titled “Hardcore and the wonkier “Lose Control” nestled in the middle, Program Malfunction is fueled by new and old school sounds. Throw in a fittingly heavy remix of Doctor P’s 2009 tune, “Sweet Shop,” to wrap up the short player and what you’ve got is a cohesive, memorable project. Listen in full below.

Shlump – Program Malfunction EP

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