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Listen to Tash Sultana’s latest nu-jazz single, ‘Beyond The Pines’

Here at Conscious Electronic, there is nothing we appreciate more than an artist that uses their craft to tell a unique story in a distinct way. Australian singer-songwriter Tash Sultana once again masterfully does so in their latest song, “Beyond The Pines.” This absolute vibe of a track reintroduces listeners both new and old to Sultana’s incredible ability to masterfully layer melodies, rich nu-jazz grooves, and soulful vibe-filed vocals to create an atmosphere that heals as much as it makes us think about our tender moments with our lover.

When it comes to the inspiration behind the creation of this song, Sultana states: “‘Beyond The Pine’ is about finding solace in nature and realizing the depth of your relationship when you find your one. Love is yours no matter the colour, race, gender, religion, sexuality, or identity.”

Once again, Sultana steals hearts and minds with another song that embodies both positive atmosphere and pure tonal magic. The world as one knows always stands in need of new Tash Sultana. Be on the lookout for Tash Sultana’s upcoming album, Terra Forma, that is due to come out later this year with more singles trickling out until it’s release over the coming months.

Tash Sultana – Beyond The Pines

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