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Gem & Tauri’s bewitching debut EP is ‘All You Need’

Emma Montalvo and Courtney Simmons are just known as the fascinating “throuple” with Jeff Montalvo (aka Seven Lions). The duo is also known to most under their joint artist moniker, Gem & Tauri, who’ve been made most popular by the recent Seven Lions Visions live streams. Now the Seattle-based artistic outfit have released their debut EP, All You Need, on Ophelia Records.

Throughout the four-track EP, Gem & Tauri further solidify their place as a heart beat of Ophelia. From the project’s opening track in “Call Me Home,” which features vocals from Ophelia favorite HALIENE, to the Fiora-assisted single, “All You Need,” trance and house combine with graceful feminine beauty. With two extended cuts of the same tracks, Gem & Tauri have managed to create instant classics with two of Ophelia’s most beloved vocalists. When combined with the latter two tracks on the EP, “Heroes” and “Dusk,” which take upbeat house approaches, the EP is All You Need to get you through the year.

Stream Gem & Tauri’s All You Need EP below and catch their deep house set on the next Visions live stream, set for September 19, 2020. RSVP to the show here.

Gem & Tauri – All You Need EP

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