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Lido ushers in a new wave on long-awaited sophomore album, ‘Peder’

Lido has steadily been releasing singles from his second studio album, PEDER. In fact, “steadily” might be an understatement given how the concept album was announced in August 2019. Over the past 11 months, the Norwegian producer has released records in “Rise,” “Layaway,” “Postclubridehomemusic,” and “How To Do Nothing,” the latter of which tweeted he was “so ready to start this new wave of music.” Now the multi-talented producer and singer has come full circle with a beautifully arranged 12-track assortment of pop, R&B, minimal, and chillwave tracks.

PEDER begins soft and serenely with a series of chilled-out tracks that lead fluidly into a poppier, R&B-led terrain. Throughout, Lido tells the story of a boy that grew up on a spaceship and even wrote any accompanying children’s book to tell the story of the album in a mixed media approach. Titled The Boy On The Spaceship, Lido tells a story that follows a boy named Peder (Lido’s birth name) who is drifting through space and discovers a pirate radio station. The radio waves give the young protagonist his first taste of music and inspiration to create it as well. Each song represents a new chapter along Peder’s journey as well as parallels Lido’s own experiences emerging in the world.

Lido enlists several talented collaborators across the musical journey, including Ebenezer, Col3trane, Mulherin, Heavy Mellow, JoJo, and Brandon Areaga of PRETTYMUCH, whose writing credits can be found all across the LP. The result is an emotive journey into Lido’s “new wave” world of fantasy, which is at times moody and mellow, at others vibrant and pristine.

Additionally, a lengthy radio mix with Lido’s unique production style is currently available to stream at 1532space.fm. Stream PEDER below, out now on Because Music.

Lido – Peder LP

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