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Stream Elderbrook’s highly-anticipated debut album, ‘Why Do We Shake In The Cold?’

Elderbrook is an artist whose been on the CE radar since his 2017 hit track with CamelPhat, ‘Cola.’ As the alter ego of English electronic producer Alexander Kotz, the English musician and producer delivers upbeat synth-forward dance music that odes all the way to the beginning of dance music—that is, the disco era. The London-bred artist played in an indie rock band while he was a teenager, pulling double duty as guitarist and singer/songwriter. Now, years after making waves in the dance scene, Elderbrook has released his debut studio album, Why Do We Shake In The Cold? 

The LP’s subdued, light-hearted jams are enough to keep anyone on a chilled-out frequency. From “Numb,” which has been used by Lane 8 in his impressive ambient mixtapes, and the hit track, “I’m A Fool,” which has garnered hundreds of thousands of online streams, to the soothing title track, “Why Do We Shake In The Cold?,” and closing ambient bliss of “Next December,” the LP contains 11 Elderbrook originals that will keep organic house fans moving in subtle, smooth submission. The 15-track project also includes three live edits, all of which take listeners into Elderbrook’s phenomenal live art world.

Elderbrook has found a niche in the dance music world with his soft vocals, subtle atmospheres, and meticulous production techniques. Why Do We Shake In The Cold? is no exception. Over the past five years, Kotz has transformed from a One To Watch artist into a bonafide household name. Just listen to his debt work of art to hear the difference.

Elderbrook – Why Do We Shake In The Cold? LP

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