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Layton Giordani returns to Drumcode with futuristic new album, ‘New Generation’

One of Drumcode Records‘ finest and most prolific artists, Layton Giordani, returns to the label with his sophomore album, New Generation. “From futuristic realms and environments to urban soundscapes at our fingertips. New Generation is the future distilled in album form,” says the New York-born producer and DJ says of the 12-track LP.

New Generation is a delicate balance between warehouse-ready dance floor rockers and bright melodic techno stabs, ambient soundscapes, and funky grooves. The album opens with a short atmospheric track, “Shinjuku,” setting the journey in a futuristic cityscape between busy streets and fast-paced crowds. The LP’s title track, “New Generation,” follows closely with a mesmerizing lead, giving it a special place as the featured song.

“System Majority” is becoming a quick DJ-favorite as it climbs not only in the Beatport charts but in Adam Beyer’s Drumcode Radio Ep. 515 as a prominent track as well. Nearly halfway through, “Nirvana X” continues the transcendental experience with stimulating synths, while “Life Lesson” reunites Giordani with the legendary Green Velvet for another top-notch collaboration filled with rolling basslines, low hitting beats, and entrancing vocal loops reminiscing on the saying, “what goes around comes around.”

The album closes with two powerful statement songs, “Human Error” and “Living Simulation,” which hint towards the ephemeral quality of the world. As Giordani states on social media,

This album is a summary of my life experiences up to this point. Traveling the world, living abroad, looking to the future, and bringing atmospheres and textures from different places to my music. The evolution of music is a systematic cycle that never ends. It is a composition of all the issues experienced and visualized up to this moment.

Layton Giordani

Layton Giordani – New Generation LP


  1. Shinjuku (Original Mix)
  2. New Generation (Original Mix)
  3. Memory Fragment (Original Mix)
  4. System Majority (Original Mix)
  5. Nirvana X (Original Mix)
  6. Life Lesson (Original Mix)
  7. Translation Lost (Original Mix)
  8. Power (Original Mix)
  9. Midnight Magic (Original Mix)
  10. Feel a Vibe (Original Mix)
  11. Human Error (Original Mix)
  12. Living Simulation (Bonus Track)

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