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Peekaboo’s ID-filled ‘HIDE AND SEEK VOL. 3’ mixtape is no tricks and all treats

If you’re a bass music artist, Halloween is a very special time. There is just something about the spooky feeling of the season and bass beats that go tooth-and-nail. For PEEKABOO, this is manifested annually as an eerie collection of beats in his HIDE AND SEEK mixtape series. The Michigan-born, Los Angeles-residing bass music producer has recently taken to recording the series’ third installation, which comes littered with low-tempo vibrations, ooey-gooey wobbles, whompy low-end tracks, and plenty of PEEKABOO IDs.

Clocking in at exactly an hour, PEEKABOO pulls out all the treats and doesn’t aim to trick listeners with any sort of surface-level candy coating. The only thing listeners will get from HIDE AND SEEK VOL. 3 is expertly mixed, seasonally appropriate tracks from veterans like ENIGMA Dubz, Sublab and Azaleh, Skeptical, and more, along with selections from Six Chakra, Trillney, ColtCuts, and many more underground bass artists. If what one is looking for is an introduction to the globe’s new and forward-thinking bass sounds, then look no further than this insightful mix.

Beginning with a round of new IDs from himself and Ternion Sound, which leads fans to believe the two are working closely together behind-the-scenes, PEEKABOO takes listeners through a range of new artists and bass sounds from the UK, to Germany, and North America. Along the way, PEEKABOO aims to keep things extremely calm, creepy, and crawling with his low-tempo treatment of the tracks. PEEKABOO then signs off the mix by paying his respects to Cookie Monsta in the late producer‘s track, “Soundboy.” All in all, what PEEKABOO’s HIDE AND SEEK mix is a high-caliber exploration of all things low-end, low-tempo, and low-vibration.



Ternion Sound – ID
ColtCuts – Passage of Arms
Dalek One – Run and Hide
SBK. – One Man (Abstrakt Sonance Remix)
Maes – Chieftain
ENiGMA Dubz – The Eyes VIP
Ternion Sound – ID
Roklem – Corrupt
SOPHIE – Faceshopping (IDHS Remix)
OCA2 – Plague
Funkmod – Death Knight
Mr. K – Aro
IDHS – Murda Sound
dêtre – ID
Deadcrow – Scrape
Akcept – Gulch
Sublab & Azaleh – Life Cycle
ZERG – King Kong
FLO – Pai Mei Dub
Six Chakra – Robot Dog
Repulsion – Downward
Surreal – Pique
MixedMind – Eye Deal
Emperor – Silenced
Nami – Unspoken
Trillney – Submarine
Grawinkel & Busted Fingerz – Reckless
Cause – Are We
MONUMAN – Inflict
Cesco – Bomba
SP:MC & LX One – Hunted
Leftlow – Cluedub (Skeptical Remix)
Cookie Monsta – Soundboy


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