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Gorgon City and EVAN GIIA’s official ‘Burning’ music video is a beautiful love story [WATCH]

Photo Credit: Drew Escriva and Jessie Hope Weston/Billboard.

UK duo Gorgon City released the official music video for their latest single, “Burning,” featuring label-mate EVAN GIIA, and the video’s aesthetic looks exactly how the song sounds: Evocative, sultry, and full of desire. Shot with the sweeping scenery of Wyoming as a backdrop, the music video follows the tale of a budding romance, exploring the ups and downs of love and lust. The video is directed by Eric Maldin, who’s also behind the video for the English duo’s hit collaboration on “Nobody,” featuring Chicago up-and-comers, DRAMA.

While “Burning” clocks in at just three fleeting minutes, Astralwerks did everyone a solid and released a lengthier counterpart called the “Terrace Dub” mix. Extending the beat for almost twice as long, the alternate version is perfect for all the DJs out there looking to throw “Burning” into their live mix, or just anyone looking to amp up the heat. Check out the video below.

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