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DROELOE announce split ahead of forthcoming anthology album

Five years ago, DROELOE began as a side project between three friends: a film director (Joris), graphic designer (Hein Hammers), and a music producer (Vincent Rooijers). When Joris’ career went into the fast lane, the latter two become a duo just to see where DROELOE would take them and went into a fast track of their own. Since then, DROELOE has managed to release alongside Zeds Dead, Taska Black, and Nevve, as well as on labels like bitbird, Monstercat, and more.

Now, the pair have announced their amicable split ahead of their now aptly-titled forthcoming anthology album, A Matter Of Perspective.

On a personal level we both grew and developed a lot… To the point that our work got more and more inspires by personal experiences and ideas about storytelling, instead of just creating beats and visuals for the hell of it, like we did in the very beginning.”


Rooijers will continue to make music under the DROELOE banner as Hammers goes on to produce visual art for multiple other projects. “This isn’t a decision we take lightly and we completely understand that this might come as a shock for people,” says Hammer separately. “However, we both think its the best thing for us to do to further stimulate both of our individual growth.”

“Although goodbyes are never easy, I’m still super excited for lies ahead for both of us,” continues Rooijers in a separate statement.

The news comes just after DROELOE released their new single last week, “Roadside Flowers.” DROELOE’S A Matter Of Perspective will be released November 13 on bitbird. Read their full statements below.



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