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MUST WATCH: CloZee delivers on popularly-requested ShambhaRoo livestream 2020

Call her the French Goddess of Glitch. Call her a global pioneer of world music. Whatever the label, CloZee real name: Chloé Herry) is the indisputable queen of tribal. The recently uprooted bass music producer may now reside in Colorado, but she’s certainly bringing love to her fans all over the country via the new Drive-In show format. Beyond that, CloZee is delivering on the live streams at an impressive rate for all the socially distanced fans watching from home.

Over the past couple of months, Herry took to two standout virtual festivals. First was Shambhala‘s ShambhaRoo live stream event, which took place in late July during the festival’s designated would-be weekend at the Farm in British Columbia. The second was Bonnaroo‘s ROOality live stream, which took place in late September.

Now, by popular demand in her online fan community, CloZee has delivered her first-and-only ShambhaRoo Livestream set, which represents an assemblage of both globally-popular festivals into one, visually immersive recorded listening journey. For those who were able to catch both streams at home, and those who weren’t, fans will be able to watch CloZee’s Shambhala and Bonnaroo sets in full synchronicity.

During the hour-long audiovisual journey, CloZee includes an expansive tracklist of Inzo‘s “Overthinker,” Mersiv‘s “Digital Eden,” LSDREAM and Champagne Drip‘s “Eternal Now,” and plenty of CloZinger and CloZee originals to boot. Visually, fans will find CloZee in an outdoor setting with a full professional lighting display, kaleidoscopic overlays, and selects from her stunning Android Jones Midrodose VR visuals. The sights are just as stunning as the sounds on this one-of-a-kind set.

CloZee has always been a champion of her fanbase, delivering live stream after live stream with impressive production and mixing. Here’s another one that stands as a testament to that fact. Check it out below and view the full tracklist here.

CloZee – ShambhaRoo Livestream 2020

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