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Mersiv dispatches meteoric double-feature for Halloween

This Halloween weekend, Mersiv is giving back to fans in the form of a behemoth double-feature. First, the producer will unleash his jarring EP, Hypnos, and then follow it up a day later with “Día de los Muertos,” a GATZB-collaboration on MorFlo Records. These hard-hitting releases only seem to add to his diverse catalog and continue to accelerate Mersiv into becoming a household name in modern-day bass music.

The Hypnos EP contains a two-part single that offers fans both original and VIP mixes of the track. The production narrative begins with a chilling siren and voice-over; a broadcast that warns listeners of a coming invasion. Rising, searing synths—now a staple in Mersiv’s production—signal the arrival, and at the 1:08 mark listeners are clobbered with the first drop. Whereas Mersiv’s recent releases like “Osmosis” provided more playful or restorative energy, “Hypnos” avails itself here as a more ominous submission from the producer. Futuristic dubplates thrash in a weaponized fashion, conveying the extraterrestrial origins of the narrative’s ‘invaders’. The track rings true to Mersiv’s energized, innovative ‘pretty-dark-loud’ sound, even on the VIP that dips into a more lethargic, chugging tempo.

To celebrate Day of the Dead and his Mexican Heritage, Mersiv’s “Día de los Muertos” harnesses a similar, dark intensity for audiences. This collaboration with GATZB (Oklahoma-Bass artist also on MorFlo) springs to life with frenetic synthes and a slow wind up of snares. These build together for the first minute before unloading a vigorous explosion of sound and energy reminiscent of an exploding star, before resolving itself back into a build that DnB fans will enjoy. Emphasized by its artwork, the track imparts a field of electricity and vitality that will energize audiences well through the holiday weekend.

Each release displays Mersiv’s sonic dynamism while demonstrating his ability to craft consistently engrossing art through sonic reverberation. 2020 has fluctuated in mood and tone without end and, like so, Mersiv is channeling music that ranges a variety of energy and techniques in his sound design.

Mersiv – Hynos

Mersiv x GATZB – Día De Los Muertos

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