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Netsky proves why he’s the undisputed king of liquid DnB on fourth studio album, ‘Second Nature’

If ever there was a reason to reach back into the pocket of DnB nostalgia, it’s Netsky‘s newest long-form project release on Hospital Records. When the then-newcomer (real name Boris Daenen) had just signed his first record deal with the prestigious imprint tens years ago, Netsky was a bright-eyed 180 bpm newcomer with a computer worm virus as his namesake. Circling back around to the label a decade later, now the Belgian drum-n-bass maestro unveils his fourth studio album, Second Nature. In so doing, he reminds fans why they fell in love with Netsky in the first place and liquid DnB writ large.

The expansive 18-track LP also see Netsky brings back his more experimental, pop-infused offerings to the popular imagination for the first time in four years. Not since Netsky’s 2016 album, 3, had fans been given Daenen’s instrumental layers, emotional atmospheres, and unwavering creativity. Second Nature sees a return to what Netsky does best—that is, renew the hopeful world built around his coveted liquid style.

Between the LP’s four previously released tracks—including the jazzy Afronaut Zu-assisted “Blend,” the emotive “Let Me Hold You,” the anthemic “I See The Future In Your Eyes,” and the higher tempo “Mixed Emotions” with Montell2099—fans already knew what other flavors were on the horizon. With the addition of 12 more riveting records, Netsky takes his listeners on an exhaustive and intelligent journey through a diversity of drum-n-bass styles.

From the liquid funk and vocoder synthesizers of “Don’t Care What People Say” and soulful musings on “Complicated,” to the emotive stylings and cinematic marks on “I Choose You” and the progressive textures on “Basic Instinct,” Netsky remains as true to his style as he is honest with his audience. Tapping Sub Focus, Rudimental, Hybrid Minds, Darren Styles, and more, this is one album you just have to put on play and listen through all the way until the end.

For some people, things just come second nature. For Netsky, that thing is drum-n-bass.

Netsky – Second Nature LP

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