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Cristina Soto releases acoustic remix of Illenium and Said The Sky collab, ‘Painted White’

Featured photo: Omar Vellejo and Hayden Vitera.

Throughout the quarantine months of 2020, Cristina Soto has been busy delivering acoustic remixes of some her most popular projects. Beginning in June 2020 with a cover of her track, “Still With Me” alongside Seven Lions and Tritonal, Soto is back again to showcase a soul-soothing sonic masterpiece. This time, Soto is covering fan-favorite track, “Painted White,” with fellow artists Illenium and Said The Sky, with the intention of bringing balance to these unparalleled times. The revived track incorporates the angelic guitar skills of Soto’s brother, Rob Soto, as well as her entrancing vocals fused with orchestral elements.

Those that are already familiar with the original song will be introduced to a whole new soundscape of bubbling energies and calming atmospheres. The heavy, distorted synths are stripped back into a far more simple, enchanting ambience that puts Soto’s vocals at the forefront of the piece. While the lyrics remain the same, long-time fans will find new resurgence in this project as they are introduced to a far softer, more emotional project that is prevalent in most of Soto’s releases.

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