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Cloudchord and ProbCause combine forces for ‘Moonflower’ EP

Photo credits: Langston Thomas.

After joining creative forces last winter on their single “Snowflakes,” the spirited duo Cloudchord and ProbCause have come together once again to deliver an auditory delight with their Moonflower EP. Combing Cloudchord’s neo-soul melodies, post-lo-fi beat work, and ProbCause’s classic storytelling, the EP is as dreamy as it is innovating.

With an aim to “deliver a comforting sense of optimism during a particularly tumultuous year,” this piece of work is sure to bring its listeners into a serene sonic universe that heals as much as it soothes. The pair have perfected the craft once again on a four-track piece of work that couldn’t have been more properly timed.

Take a second to slow down from your day, take a breath, and give this EP a listen. We promise that it will make you look on the brighter side of things, even if just for a moment.

Cloudchord x ProbCause – Moonflower EP

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