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Ravenscoon unleashes his most bloodthirsty track to date with ‘Xenomorph’

Since quarantine began, Ravenscoon has been an absolute beast in the live streams—from Sofa Sessions to SummerEyes and a self-hosted stream on his Twitch account, which ended up on his dual Halloween A/B-side mixtape release. Ahead of two more Black Box live streams this weekend, Ravenscoon now releases his newest tune, “Xenomorph,” on Sacred Hive. Certainly, it’s one of his darkest, most foreboding tracks to date—and that’s saying a lot for an artist who continually embraces the darkness in his style.

Clocking in at a healthy time, the nearly-five-minute track takes listeners on a digital journey into outer space as they confront a “bloodthirsty alien as it attempts to take control of the spaceship bridge.” A wildly imaginative ride, indeed, with the frequencies and tones to match, “Xenomorph” stays true to its name. With low-tempo percussion, snarling synths, and a bloodthirsty bassline, it’s a track that will attempt to “eat you and your crew alive,” according to Ravenscoon’s description of the track on his socials. Take a listen below and feel the journey for yourself.

Ravenscoon – Xenomorph

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