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Watch this celestial visual accompaniment for REZZ’s hit track, ‘Orbit’

Featured photo: Joe Karava.

At this point, REZZ can’t put out a track that isn’t a ready-made success. Not just among her cult family following, either, but within the larger EDM-sphere as well, it seems REZZ pulls out instant hit after hit on an endless loop. Most recently, the Toronto producer released “Orbit,” which has garnered hundreds of thousands of live streams since its release in October. As a follow-up, REZZ has recently put out a 3D-animated music video accompaniment for “Orbit” that is stunning both on the surface and in substance.

The official video takes listeners on an interstellar spaceship ride with REZZ at the wheel, through a colorful interstellar portal, and onto another outer-worldly planet somewhere beyond the Milky Way Galaxy. REZZ stands there in full CGI waiting for viewers to join along in her hypnotic trance as her cartoon avatar stands pondering the planetary moons not far off in the distance. The visual storyline is a completely introspective, alluring, thought-provoking cosmic journey in which REZZ urges her fans and on-lookers to transcend belief, comprehension, and what is really possible. Viewers are left in a state of utter “suspension of belief,” with cartoon REZZ encouraging her followers to enter into the imaginary void, to move out-of-body through her seductive mid-tempo musical stamp, and to ultimately embrace the celestial realm.

The video directed by Joe Karava and produced in conjunction with FACTOR, a non-profit organization whose mission is to offer financial support to Canadian musicians. “Orbit” follows a surprise remix of Porter Robinson’s “she heals everything,” “Somewhere Else” with Grabbitz, and “Into the Abyss” with Zeds Dead—all released in 2020, all immediately viral right out of the gate.

REZZ – Orbit (Official Video)

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