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LEViT∆TE reveals his groundbreaking audiovisual debut album ‘Legacy’

Seattle-based producer and visual artist LEViT∆TE is a gem in electronic music, and he’s just dropped a quintessential work of art with his debut album, Legacy. Showcasing his virtuosity in both sound design and visuals, the project is truly a treat for the senses, all the while witnessing a powerful story unfold in what he deems as “the most important piece of art I have made in my entire life” via his Facebook announcement. He continued in a subsequent post, “This has been literal years in the making. I’ve put everything I got into this album, and it 100% is my most proud piece of work to date. And you have no idea how happy I am you can finally hear it. This completely overshadows everything else I have made it released to me. This is my fuckin baby, and I hope you enjoy.”

Prefacing the album are the eerily relevant words, “There will be better days. There will be brighter horizons. The sun will always eventually rise,” before introducing the viewer to a dystopian future and the three key characters that must navigate their harrowing reality. From the tranquil “96″ ft. Kody Ryan to the epic two-part “Protectors Story;” the downtempo “Psychosis” to the aggressively glitchy “Harbinger,” LEViT∆TE is a master of tension and release, orchestrating a beautiful unraveling of emotional turbulence.

LEViT∆TE entered the radar in 2015 when he caught the ear of Bassnectar with his track “God Status,” who promptly took him under his wing for collaboration on his tracks “Chasing Heaven” and “Level Up” (ft. Macntaj). He rapidly rose to prominence in the bass scene, with his songs becoming a staple in sets of artists like Noisia, G-Jones, and Excision, and went on to perform at the inaugural Bass Center festival in 2016. Further refining and evolving his unique sound with tracks like “New Breed” and more recently, “Like” and “Cross Me“, LEViT∆TE continues to make his mark as a visionary in bass music.

Experience the full audiovisual album “Legacy” at https://www.levitatemusic.net/legacy. Watch the teaser and listen below.

LEViT∆TE – Legacy Teaser Video

LEViT∆TE – Legacy Full Album

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