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FullyMaxxed Electric Consciousness 006

Electric Consciousness 006: FullyMaxxed closes out the year with glitched-out, genre-defying mixtape

One widely-held truth that everyone can seem to agree on is this: Life is hard, and it doesn’t get any easier. We just get tougher. As one gains age and experience, it becomes more critical to practice everyday balance—spontaneity with routine, work with play, control with letting go, and tuning out of the world by tuning into the body. That’s why Conscious Electronic is proud to present our monthly mixtape series, Electric Consciousness. Bringing you the best and latest in bass music every month—from heavy to experimental, tribal to future and funk, left-field to half-time, and more.

FullyMaxxed (real name: Maxwell Ferguson) may not be a name known to many just yet, but the Dallas-based producer’s early catalogue stretches all the way back to 2015. With remixes of Wik-It The Instagator and Earth, Wind, and Fire, along with a collab with Ryan Visor, Ferguson’s body of work showcases a certain commitment to his craft that says “this kid is going places.” CloZee even paid notice to his glitchy sound and his love for wild experimentation when FullyMaxxed’s remix of “Mirage” was selected for her Neon Jungle Remixes, which put him in conversation with artists like LUZCID, Of The Trees, OPIUO, Lane 8, and Emancipator. He’s also one-third of Smoking With Strangers, which CE had the pleasure of premiering a track for back in March. Now CE is proud to feature FullyMaxxed for our next Electric Consciousness mixtape.

Equipped with an eclectic sound design—for which he uses live mixing, organic instrumentation, and singing through a vocoder on stage—FullyMaxxed possesses the kind of newcomer talent that is a rarity these days. While many others are busy seeking out hype trends and piggy-backing on established artists, FullyMaxxed relies on hard work and honed talent to make a statement through his sound. To put it succinctly, he’s a true-blue creative. That much can be heard in the masterful mixing on FullyMaxxed’s newest hour-long mixtape ride for CE.

“Many thanks to Conscious Electronic for allowing me to take you on this Electric Consciousness musical adventure! It has been a wild year for everyone, so I thank you for listening. Shout out to all of the mega-talented producers in this mix! Enjoy.”


Throughout the journey, listeners can enjoy a carefully-crafted build with sampled artists like Minnesota, Of The Trees, CloZee, OPIUO, and Comisar. The mix’s smooth and funky uphill climb all culminates in FullyMaxxed’s celebrated remix of the Neon Jungle staple track, “Mirage,” featuring Xxelia, which FullyMaxxed later bookends with his own original track feautring Xxelia’s serene vocals. Sandwiched between, listeners are exposed to FullyMaxxed energetic, 80s-synth-led sound on originals like “Never Knew” and “From The Look On Your Face.”

Drawing on the styles of Haywyre, Russ Liquid, and KOAN Sound, FullyMaxxed produces the kind of funky sound that leaps across genres. It’s the kind of sound that can be felt on the skin and into the soul. Without a doubt, FullyMaxxed creates music from the heart. Not to mention, he’s one of the most humble artists anyone would ever have the pleasure of meeting, which makes us thrilled to be able to feature FullyMaxxed for our next Electric Consciousness mixtape.

Electric Consciousness | Vol. 006 | FullyMaxxed

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