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UHNK unleashes the beast on head-splitting bass cut, ‘H.C. Johnson’ [Premiere]

Meet Alex Saldana, the Chicago-native and musical madman behind the name UHNK, who’s proved himself as the latest sensation in the underground bass scene with his monochrome aesthetic and unapologetically aggressive beats. From his distinct sound design to his use of complex rhythms and heart-racing, neck-breaking tempos, UHNK’s regular rotation isn’t for the faint of heart. So it makes sense that the Producer Dojo grad and iLL.Gates collaborator cites the below Mario Andretti quotation as his source of musical inspiration:

If everything seems under control,
you're not going fast enough."

Mario Andretti

Standing by this motto, UHNK has conjured up a deliciously dark and deleterious track that leaves no room for escape, “H.C. Johnson,” and Conscious Electronic is thrilled to premiere the track ahead of its release on Friday, December 18. Complete with granular bass lines, hard synth leads, and vocal chops—all driven by a wild sense of urgency—the track is a certified heavy-hitter that will not disappoint heavy bass aficionados. 

I wanted to try something new with this track. I was thinking of all the times I had been at shows where there was a really long suspenseful buildup into a screamer of a drop, where the sounds just kept coming at you... and even if you were tired, you were just going buck wild when the song dropped. Whenever I listen to this track I feel like I’m in a Formula 1 car or a fighter jet just doing barrel rolls.”


A vivid description, to say the least; but one cannot help but leave the track thinking, “yea, it’s kind of like that.” Begging to be played at the loudest volume possible, “H.C. Johnson” is a journey into oscillating, on-your-face bass paired with dirty percussion which perfectly rounds out his 2020 discography. 

Saldana emerges from a master class of bass music artists that are pushing the limits of sound under the Producer Dojo banner, and has collaborated with fellow label-mates Wreckno, Moonsplatta, and label-founder ill.Gates on his debut EP DIY Reality. UHNK has since rolled out a plethora of quality singles, including his summer banger “Gang” and the Ravenscoon-assisted “Sandman,” further evolving his unique musical style. Get an early listen to UHNK’s “H.C. Johnson” below.

UHNK – H.C. Johnson [Conscious Electronic Premiere]

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