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Electric Hawk Records third compilation album cover, 'In Unity'

Electric Hawk’s third label compilation ‘In Unity’ enlists Nik P, Slowpalace, FRQ CNY, & more

Coming up on almost a year since their last compilation album, Electric Hawk is back with its third compilation album, In Unity, and we think it’s the labels best yet. In Unity is the sequel to the In Harmony compilation album that started it all. Electric Hawk said the following in a press release: “In Unity represents how we came together in the hard times, whether it be through live streams, community chats or music releases. 2020 was a time of discovering new music, new artists, and a new vast community. In Unity is a celebration of that.”

“The album signifies the work of the EH Team and the fans in the community joining in unity with everyone we’ve made connections with through our music-sharing culture. 2020 was a turbulent year for everyone, but an extreme turning point for Electric Hawk and the community that surrounds it.”

This multigenre compilation features everything from bass, DnB, funk, and wave, from artists such as Slowpalace, CE favorite NIK P, ENiGMA Dubz, NotLö, Capshun, FRQ NCY, Muzzy Bear, Deadcrow, and more. Electronic music encompasses many genres and sounds, and we wanted to make sure those were all represented while upholding our mission to bring sounds of the underground to the forefront. Spanning 14 tracks, Electric Hawk’s hope is that fans and listeners find solace and peace within these sounds that will take you on a journey ranging from ethereal ambience to hard-hitting bass.

Electric Hawk – In Unity LP


  1. Redrum – Fluid
  2. Slowpalace – Fade Away
  3. Enigma Dubz – Blue Moon
  4. Rohaan – Limewire
  5. Nik P – Crescent
  6. NotLo x Sky Suite – Dismantle
  7. MYTHM – Lockjaw
  8. DJ Ride x Subp Yao – UNDRG
  9. Farrah – Boiling
  10. Deadcrow – Predator
  11. Tek Genesis – Holographix
  12. FRQ NCY – Epiphany
  13. Capshun x Eyezic x Spuke – Monolith
  14. Muzzy Bearr – Keep Comin Back

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