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Apashe 'renaissance album art

Apashe’s majestic single ‘Distance’ receives extraordinary remix attention: Volac, KOAN Sound, & more

Montreal-based producer Apashe, known otherwise as John De Buck, has had an incredible last couple of years, as his sophomore album Renaissance clearly demonstrates. For the long-form effort, the Brussels-born musician brought in a 69 piece orchestra which demonstrates the level of his continued innovation despite the difficulties imposed by the pandemic. The first single from that album, ‘Distance’, featuring the vocalist Geoffroy, has inspired incredibly creative and powerful remixes from the likes of Volac, KOAN Sound, Buunshin, Macky Gee, and pushing daizies.

The electronics duo Volac from Moscow offers the first run-through. Their take picks up the tempo substantially from the original and gives it a slamming house sound that bounces energy throughout the track. Undoubtedly, it is a sound that will excite and energize club floors everywhere.

Next up, the highly regarded Bristol-based duo KOAN Sound, who has been at the forefront of innovation in so many areas of music production for the last decade, displays their incredible talent through their remix. The version picks up the heat, adding pace, heavy glitch, and sharp percussions which are balanced by an almost ambient but soaring bass-laden undertone. The listener’s attention bounces joyfully between the original vocals, the shattering energy of the pace generated by the glitch, and the melodic and beautiful base under it all. KOAN Sound’s musical genius is found here, where so many layers of production play out in absolute uncluttered, balanced bliss. There are not many producers who can accomplish such a feat.

The German producer Buunshin, who was recently featured on the 9th volume of mau5trap’s ‘We Are Friends’ compilation series last year, added his own flair to the track. This remix takes it through a new iteration by incorporating an exciting and energy-infused drum and bass beat. The lively reinterpretation’s intoxicating rhythm, created through the hefty percussion sustains the listener through its entire duration and serves as the DJ/producer’s latest pivotal point following his feature with mau5trap.

Continuing along the DnB theme, UK legend Macky Gee retains much of the same propulsive energy in Buunshin’s take, but also incorporates a bouncy tone into the sonic space lying under the driving tones of the percussion. Throughout the length of the track, Gee’s remix evokes a palpable sense of urgency, showing how well the producer can create an atmosphere that balances tension and relief. 

Finally, Pushing Daizies complete the remix EP with their version. Pushing Daizies is the stage name of two US-based producers whose real identity is being kept under wraps, for now. Compared to the previous versions, this new take is more in line with the pace of the original and asks its listener to settle into a melodious soundscape. A catchy beat and a flowing refrain characterize the last tune on the EP.

Apashe – Distance (ft. Geoffroy) Remixes

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