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Tchami reinvisions Whethan and Oliver Tree’s ‘Freefall’ with encapsulating and dynamic house remix

 Following a number of singles in 2019, with a follow up of his power-house debut album in 2020, Tchami has proved once again he is a master at funneling an array of sonic experiences through his future-house beat-work. With each release, Tchami pushes the boundaries of classic house grooves with his experimental sound design; all while maintaining that classic Tchami energy that the scene has come to know and love. After topping EDM charts consistently over the last decade, the “father of future house” is stepping into 2021 by introducing an eclectic choice for a remix. Enter Whethan and Oliver Tree’s “Freefall,” which bodes well for Tchami’s multi-dimensional sound.

The remix takes a more soothing approach with empowering piano chords and unique vox filters on Oliver Tree‘s vocals that are paired well with Tchami’s core bass-house grooves. Oliver Tree and Whethan‘s indie-alternative sound is taken into the world of classic EDM dance-hall soundscapes that will surely be played out under the electric sky at EDC when festivals make their (hopeful) return in late 2021 or 2022.

After boasting a slew of talented collaborations such as Todd Howard, ZHU, and HANA in 2020, Tchami has shown listeners that he is capable of stepping out of traditional house formats by bringing in unique artists to the EDM universe. This remix stands as another testament to that sentiment as he once again solidified his sound for another solid year for dance music. Check out the remix and be on the lookout for his return at Creamfields festival later on in 2021.

Whethan & Oliver Tree – Freefall (Tchami Remix)

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