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MUST LISTEN: Subsidia’s ‘Night Vol. 3’ is an earth-shaking masterpiece

After an unforgettable reveal during last September’s Couch Lands stream, Subsidia Records has been churning out stacked compilations non-stop. Led by dubstep OG Excision, the recently-formed label hit the ground running with a massive three-part release of over 100 singles from a diverse range of talented artists. Named Dawn, Dusk, and Night, the compilations are thoughtfully arranged based on the emotions certain parts of the day evoke.

The heaviest releases call the Night series home and each volume is filled to the brim with deafening baselines and heart-pounding buildups. Night Vol. 3 features singles from notable artists like MONXX, Bear Grillz, and Gladex as well as a plethora of heavily talented newcomers of the heavy dubstep genre. Re-imagining what heavy dubstep is both “Parariddim” and “Order and Chaos” provide an experimental spin on the genre while still maintaining the mammoth drops and body-shaking bass that headbangers everywhere love to crave.

Absolute bone-crushers like Perry Wayne’s “Trencher,” LOUIEJAYXX’s “Unbreakable,” and RAZR and Vastive’s “Pop Off” are the stand-outs of the compilation, flaunting crisp and fresh new takes on American dubstep. With 20 exemplary tracks, the third installment of the Night series fits in perfectly with its predecessors and provides its neck-breaking audience a glimpse into what’s brewing on the rail and, more widely, in the dubstep world. All that’s left to do is press play and eagerly await what’s next to come from this indomitable infant label.

While Subsidia makes sure to show love to the up-and-comers of the bass music scene, with the bulk of the releases coming straight from the underground, there isn’t a lack of star-studded releases either. Just look to past contributions from label favorites like Sullivan King, Kompany, Wooli, and YOOKiE, as evidenced on Night Vol. 1. Also be sure to check out Night Vol. 2, with notable tracks from  PsyoctaveCvptagonDownlink, and the bossman himself, Excision.

Subsidia- Night Vol. 3

Night Vol. 3  Tracklist

  1. Jessica Audiffred, MONXX – Moni
  2. NvrLft – Go Back
  3. Perry Wayne – Trencher
  4. Bear Grillz – Soulja March
  5. LOUIEJAYXX – Unbreakable
  6. Skellism, NVRENDS – Rage Pit
  7. Megahurtz – Bloody
  8. Svspkt, Autokorekt, SUFFOCATE – Parariddim
  9. iFeature, Killin’ Void – Order and Chaos
  10. RAZR, Vastive – Pop Off
  11. Jorge Toscano – Tear the Place
  12. AlienPark – Sentenced To Death
  13. Decadon – Pull Up
  14. Gladex, FelMax – Hot Pursuit
  15. Wodd – Tape Stop
  16. Goofy, Mylky – Biblical Asteroth
  17. Typhon – Nightfall
  18. VLCN – 1000 Years
  19. Howker – Threats
  20. Izzy Vadim, Head Treats – No Feelings

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