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templo experimental bass producer kneals in a forest

Templo brings together a full-on trip-hop scratch attack on highly experimental LP release, ‘Turbo Digital’ [Album Review]

Featured photo: Beau Parise.

Experimental bass producer and multi-instrumentalist Templo has been showcasing his unique talents behind the decks for years. The Denver-based beatmaker has been seen on line-ups for Electric Forest, Elements, Resonance, Meow Wolf’s Dark Palace, and most recently opening for CloZee on her Knew Conscious live stream. Signed to Madison House in 2019, Templo’s sound leans heavily into wonky left-field, a love for scratching, and wacky synth arrangements. It’s a sonic stamp that always has listeners guessing over what’s coming next.

Templo’s most recent studio album, titled Turbo Digital, exemplifies his sound and brings them full focus via eight succinctly-arranged tracks. Fun experimentalism rules the roost on Turbo Digital, with compositions that are tightly mastered, wildly arranged, and packed with high-energy trip-hop gratification. From the LP’s outset with “Nine Lives,” featuring Pretty Bobby, Templo explores alternative sounds and reverberating bass.

Next up is “Keens Turbo” with its digitized computer game samples, hollowed-out synths, and funky noises, before Templo dips into eastern-influenced melodies and a confluence of snares on “Reso Consumption.”

The journey comes together more and more as the album progresses at the album’s midpoint with “Quench,” which is packed with foreboding backdrops, twinkling highs, hip-hop-inspired vocal chops, and a rendezvous of left-field elements coming together as Templo marches further into madness.

“60D” is almost a continuation of these sounds as fans start to get intense Tipper vibes, although Templo is fully capable of making his trip-hop a brand of left-field all it’s own. The energy only builds from there as “Sleep Eyes” comes in with wild-style bass lines, funky breakdowns, fast-moving tempos, and highly-syncopated instrumentals.

On “Krank Riot” and “Go Like That,” don’t expect a smooth comedown because things only go up until the album’s completion. If Templo is the pilot, and listeners are the passengers, then be prepared to go on a journey into exploring alternate dimensions of sound on this new journey.

Listen to Templo’s Turbo Digital below and be sure to support on Bandcamp.

Templo – Turbo Digital LP

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