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CHEE dispatches skriking ‘Paralysis Analysis’ EP via Deadbeats

Highlighting this round of New Music Friday lists in the experimental bass community is the latest offering from CHEE, Paralysis Analysis EP, a five-track exploration of the contemporary techniques and unique hybrid sound that is quickly distinguishing the Deadbeats artist from the rest. The Philadelphia-based producer teased the EP earlier this month with his single “Turn Up,” which would prove to serve as only a taste of what was to come. When speaking to the releases’ artwork by fellow South African artist Seth Pimentel AKA African Ginger, CHEE divulged:

I wanted the recurring theme to be a feeling of restraint and the need to escape, but partially being paralyzed by one’s own mind. The process of overanalyzing, causing one to freeze and be a prisoner of their own thoughts. 


Fusing deep, textured synths with complex sound design and groovy trap beats, CHEE brings listeners to another level throughout the course of Paralysis Analysis. Kicking off the EP is “Wallflower,” warming listeners up to the insanity that’s in store with layers of luscious pads and darkly beautiful moments of tranquility. Continuing the calm before the storm is “Lid On The Squid” before hitting its peak with a Mr. Carmack assisted heavy-hitter, titled “Fight Club.” “Operator Bludgeoning” keeps up the momentum with its infectious downtempo hook before concluding with the banger “Turn Up.”

CHEE – Paralysis Analysis EP

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