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Chee returns to Deadbeats with highly experimental bass cut, ‘TURN UP’

South African born, Philly-based artist, Chee, is one of bass music’s most electrifying artists. Known for his enrapturing and one of a kind tracks, this experimental bass rising star consistently delivers never before heard sounds in the most enticing way. With a slew of epic replay-worthy singles like “Vultures” and “Wallflower,” Chee’s forward-thinking and outside-the-box production style has solidified him as a fan favorite amongst artists and music enthusiasts alike. Now, after several months, Chee has returned to Zeds Deads’ imprint to release his next single “TURN UP” on Deadbeats. After doing out his Quarter Inch EP last year, along with an inclusion on We Are Deadbeats Vol. 4, it’s a much-needed circle back for the label favorite.

Chee’s newest single is “Turn Up,” an early offering off of his forthcoming EP, Paralysis Analysis, out later this month on Deadbeats. Coming in piping hot with three-minutes of absolute madness from start to finish, this rough and rowdy bass-blasting track features everything we could ask for from a Chee track… and then some. If this is just a single we are chomping at the bit to get our hands on the full EP. Chee spoke a bit to the development of the track in the grand scheme of the EP and marrying the project’s music and visual elements:

“I was elated to have my good friend African Ginger work on the art for ‘Turn Up’ and later have the opportunity to work with him on the final EP art. I wanted the recurring theme to be a feeling of restraint and the need to escape, but partially being paralyzed by one’s own mind. The process of overanalyzing, causing one to freeze and be a prisoner of their own thoughts. I think a lot of people can relate to that feeling, especially after this last year, and I feel the art does the perfect job portraying that internal conflict a lot of us face daily.


Treating fans to a masterclass of low frequencies, “TURN UP” showcases Chee at his very best. With an EP on the way, fans are granted a small preview of what’s to come. Embellished with psychedelica, dark soundscapes, and spitfire transitions, Chee is prepared to wreak havoc. Wielding his weapons of creativity and innovation, this destructive record left in his wake is sure to bring tons of attention to the sounds and style of the prodigious talent. 

Join us in manifesting our ability to “Turn Up” to this track on a proper sound system soon by blasting this epic single right below. “Turn Up” is the first single from Chee’s forthcoming EP, Paralysis Analysis, out February 26 on Deadbeats Records.

CHEE- Turn Up

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