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MEMBA - Trenches - Phases EP

MEMBA reveals ‘Trenches’ in anticipation of new concept EP series, ‘PHASES 1-4’ [WATCH]

MEMBA was unearthed by New York-based production duo, Ishaan Chaudhary and Will Curry, conjuring electronic music that is propped up by a backbone of ancient world-influenced rhythms. The duo just announced their next EP project, titled PHASES, a four-part audio-visual series rolling out through July 2021. The series is kicking off with “Trenches,” out on all streaming platforms and digital retailers now.

PHASES is a collection of four EPs exploring new depths of the MEMBA universe. The project celebrates the natural cycles all people, and matter go through— be it “present you” versus “past you” or particles turning from solid to liquid to gas— in any case, we all go through changes. Mirroring this phenomenon, each EP explores a distinct style, genre and aesthetic. The lead single and music video will be released every full moon from April through July. 

The music videos are co-directed by Ishaan (one-half of MEMBA) and LA-based VFX artist Jreams. There is a strong visual narrative that the EPs explore. Putting on their directorial pants, the MEMBA boys self-funded and planned every detail of the music videos— from making the props to filming the series singles over the course of five days in undisclosed locations.

The EPs will feature several collaborators such as OG Maco, Nevve, Alexander Lewis, Kamiyada+, Vōx, Stush, Tzar, Mark Johns and some familiar faces like Titus, Ricky James. Getting lost in their imaginative world is easy: concepts are fluid and constantly morphing as their sonic exploration goes beyond melodies and hooks. For MEMBA, music is a fully multi-sensory experience meant to stimulate the senses and reflect their state of mind. 

MEMBA hasn’t commented on the exact genres of the four EPs nor do fans ever know if they will— but the duo revealed in a press release that they want it to be experienced and interpreted by the viewer. MEMBA did revealed the following:

“the first single off PHASE I is titled ‘Trenches’ ft Vōx and the music video tells the origin story of our new handmade instruments “UULU”. Keep one eye on the sky and you’ll always know when the next PHASE is coming.” 

– MEMBA, Press Release

It’s safe to say MEMBA delivers again with “Trenches,” the first new material from their highly awaited PHASES series.  A vivid journey through visuals and soundscapes, the pair has poured heart and soul into creating PHASES and the result is nothing short of spectacular.

Artist Name – Trenches ft. vōx

MEMBA – Trenches ft. vōx (Official Music Video)

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