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Saka Split Punch

Press play on Saka’s cinematic two-track EP release on Gud Vibrations

Originally from Hong Kong, the left-field maestro known as Saka has consistently supplied tasteful and high-quality releases, since the debut of his project in 2018. This momentum reached fever-pitch with his revered ‘Slipstream’ EP, published on Bassrush last year, which paired six refined productions with their own respective eye-grabbing graphics. Since “Slipstream,” Saka has continued his rise with releases on SubtronicsCyclops Recordings and Inspected Records, among others.

Blending his penchant for crisp sound design and distortions with Eastern influences, Saka’s unique sound combined with his work ethic has accelerated his rise through the electronic music industry. His journey continues with “Split Punch / Wing Chun,” a two-track EP release on NGHTMRE and SLANDER’s Gud Vibrations label. 

“‘Split Punch’ and ‘Wing Chun’ are both ideas that came to me from exploring things from my childhood. The first game I ever played and became fully immersed in was a game on PlayStation called ‘Final Fantasy Tactics.’ Upon replaying it recently, I was inspired by a specific spell in the game called ‘Split Punch’ and made a song with the spell in mind. As for ‘Wing Chun,’ I was re-watching the ‘Ip Man’ Kung Fu series I watched growing up as a young teenager and got inspired to make the song afterward. Both little pieces of my past self exemplified the way I know how through music!”

– Saka

The project opens with Split Punch, a thunderous battle cry of a wisened protagonist at combat with his rival. Rather than burn through the entire reservoir of MP in one go, “Split Punch” wears its opponent down strategically with finesse, technical prowess, and ethereal sound design. A rumbling rhythm is complemented by clean breaks, a surreal atmosphere, and delicate piano accents. The roaring bursts of bass persist until the foe is finally vanquished, which is when a graceful winddown wraps up the fight scene.

The EP adventure is complemented by “Wing Chun,” a more aggressive tune, worthy of a duel against any final boss. A bludgeoning bassline is complemented by crashing drums, vocal chops, and majestic synths, with laser precision. While each tune packs an effective and powerful punch, the proper experience comes from immersing oneself in both tracks in unison – a combo move – and seeing how far Saka has come.

Saka – Split Punch / Wing Chun EP

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