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Nicole Cacciavillano

Wide Awake Radio | Ep. 10 | Mental health awareness with Sub.mission Agency & The Black Box owner, Nicole Cacciavillano

In this month’s podcast edition, Conscious Electronic sat down with Nicole Cacciavillano to discuss a range of industry issues, how she was largely credited with bringing dubstep to America, and the endless business hurdles she had to leap in founding The Black Box. Named one of CE‘s Industry Female Power Players back in March, Nicole agreed to talk to us to keep with our commitment to highlighting Women’s Month every month. What resulted was a conversation perfectly suited for Mental Health Month.

In 2007, Nicole Cacciavillano and a group of friends in Denver, Colorado founded Sub.mission: a dubstep crew motivated by “the potential for moving people through sound, not hype.” As the CEO of the event and promotion company, now turned full-service management agency, Nicole is responsible for over a decade of iconic dubstep and bass music events, including Colorado’s longest-running electronic music weekly, Electronic Tuesdays.

“The entire goal was to create a place and space for like-minded individuals. It was never about money, it was never about being on the cover of this magazine. In fact, I am usually the person hiding in the darkest corner of the room. It was just about fun and a vibe and the experience and bringing in the biggest sound system into the darkest room. That has and always will be the mission.”

– Nicole Cacciavillano

In the tenth episode of Wide Awake Radio, we explore the unspoken challenges of working in the music industry as both a creator and organizer and as a human being. We find out how Nicole Cacciavillano balanced her personal life with teaching and promotion, how she was eventually forced to quit her day job, and, for the first time ever, she discusses how she overcame the difficulties of losing a loved one during her recent launch of Denver’s most exciting underground bass venue, The Black Box. On this conversational tear-jerker of a journey, Nicole Cacciavillano takes us through her journey through healing and mental health.

“It’s just so important how you treat people and the level of humanity and respect and appreciation and love that you have on every level, from a business relationship to a friendship to a love interest to your animals to strangers. It’s just so important to appreciate everything around you because you never know when it’s going to be gone.”

– Nicole Cacciavillano

Listen to the full episode with Nicole Cacciavillano now.

Wide Awake Radio | Ep. 10 | Sub.mission & The Black Box’s Nicole Cacciavillano

Wide Awake Radio is a podcast series that features emerging and established artists within the EDM community with a thought-provoking format to encourage conscious listening. Got a story you want to share? Hit us up on Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #WideAwakeRadio, or email us at music@consciouselectronic.com. We want to hear from you!

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