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MEMBA releases first of four-part EP series honoring the full moon, ‘Phase I’

Following the announcement of their new four-part EP project, Phases, and the subsequent release of “Trenches” to kick off the special full moon concept series, MEMBA has just released the first EP in Phases I. “Trenches” is now joined by the Nevve-assisted “Bite Back” as well as “Rue The Day” with Ghostlo.

PHASES is a collection of four EPs exploring new depths of the MEMBA universe. The project celebrates the natural cycles all people, and matter go through— be it “present you” versus “past you” or particles turning from solid to liquid to gas— in any case, we all go through changes. Mirroring this phenomenon, each EP explores a distinct style, genre, and aesthetic. 

MEMBA – Phases I

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