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Illenium enlists Valerie Broussard and Nurko on mental health month release, ‘Sideways’

May is mental health month. In lieu of spreading awareness around the issue, ILLENIUM has released his single with Valerie Broussard and Nurko today on his label, 12Tone Music. “Sideways” is ILLENIUM’s latest single leading up to the release of his fourth album, Fallen Embers, and is preceded by songs including “Nightlight,” “Hearts on Fire” with Dabin and Lights, and “First Time” alongside iann dior. 

Sharing the message behind the song, Valerie Broussard states, “‘Sideways’ was written as an ode to a friend who was struggling with her mental health during COVID lockdown. Having struggled similarly in my own life, I wanted her to know I would always be there for her, even when it felt like the world was falling apart.”

ILLENIUM adds, “I loved working with Valerie and Nurko on this track. The vocal has so much emotion and musically we created a song with an almost jubilant air. I wanted it to be a celebration of making it through this crazy year all of us just had.”

“We each inspired one another during the creative process. This has been a really rough year for everyone, but no matter how tough it is, it’s good to have somebody to stick with you through it all, no matter what.”

– Nurko

As one of the most successful crossover electronic artists today, the Denver-based producer whose given name is Nick Miller, has elevated dance music via his bold, progressive take on the genre. His expansive sound, which mixes elements of celestial electronic, mellow alternative, rock-fuel dubstep, emotional indie, and pop-tinged bass music, has topped the US charts and garnered more than five billion collective streams. 

ILLENIUM’s highly anticipated album, Fallen Embers, will be released this summer. Listen to “Sideways” now.

ILLENIUM, Valerie Broussard, & Nurko – Sideways

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