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Illenium returns his first new single of 2020, ‘Nightlight’ ft. Annika Wells

Photo credit: Maddie Cordoba.

Illenium fans around the world rejoiced after learning that the wait for a new Illenium single was officially over. Released on the Denver-based artist’s new label, 12Tone Music, “Nightlight” marks Illlenium’s first solo track since the release of his 2019 album, Ascend. It’s not an accident that the uplifting record comes at a time when most of the world could use a little brightness in their daily lives.

The track also lands as Illenium’s first release since signing with the NYC-based record label, 12Tone Music, which houses artists like Anderson .Paak. “With the label change,” Illenium explains to Billboard, “I felt like I was able to make whatever I wanted and was really just free to do what I want and love. With any major label, you’re one of hundreds or thousands, and it’s hard to make it perfect.”

Originally, there was no proper news on why Miller’s time with Astralwerks was so short-lived. However, in a recent interview with Billboard, Illenium finally chose to reveal why he made the switch to 12Tone Music. 

“There were great things I got from Astralwerks, but at the end of the day I feel like I’m much more myself where I’m at now. I’m trying to please people, but I’m trying to please people that are fans and who want the best for me. I want to get them excited with this music versus like, ‘Oh, they’re going to be excited because this is a hit.’ I don’t really care.”

Armed with a new creative freedom, Illenium crafted “Nightlight” with gorgeous arps, oscillating synth patterns, signature Illenim drums, and crooning vocals from frequent collaborator, Annika Wells. “Right when I heard the OG demo Annika sent, it let me escape immediately,” said Illenium in a recent Reddit AMA with fans. “It feels super angelic and the lyrics definitely give hope/light at the end of the tunnel.”

Not to mention, the track has a huge chance of becoming a cult favorite among fans. The combination of professional production and Illenium’s robust style leads to an ethereal single that will tug at anyone’s heartstrings. 

Illenium – Nightlight

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H/T: Billboard.