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Let Norwegian ambient producer Patrik Gryst take you on a sonic journey in his glaciel album, ‘Sanger fra Nordpolen’

As a composer/producer, visual artist, and writer, Patrik Gryst is a jack-of-all-trades. From the derelict factories of the industrial northwest of England to the frozen fjords of Norway and Svalbard, Gryst’s music explores synthesizer-driven narratives saturated with glacial soundscapes and lush sonic textures. Influenced as much by early British and European electronic music and film soundtracks, as the urban and natural landscapes of his youth, his storied catalog is intelligent and captivating. Now Patrik Gryst comes to the table his third full-length offering, Sanger fra Nordpolen.

A masterpiece that is reminiscent of ambient composers Loscil, Eno and John Foxx, the LP directly translates from Norwegian to English as “Songs from the North Pole.” Gryst’s latest studio album is inspired by the desolate arctic expanses of Svalbard. Produced and arranged entirely in Gryst’s Rvan studio, the album took three years to complete and was the culmination of many different writing and recording processes, relying heavily on sound generated by virtual and physical synthesisers.

The result is a listen that is both daunting and foreboding around one corner, and light and uplifting around the next. The point perhaps is to make the listener feel both comforted and uncomfortable; haunted and solaced; sometimes bleak and desolate, while at other times warm; and above all learned from experience.

Listen to Patrik Gryst’s Sanger fra Nordpolen LP below.

Patrik Gryst – Sanger fra Nordpolen

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