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San Holo deals with ‘what happens after love’ on gorgeously-anticipated sophomore album, ‘bb u ok?’

Photo credit: Haley Lan.

Known around the world under his famed moniker, San Holo, Sander van Dijck has developed his artistic identity around bridging the gap between electronic and indie music. So it’s hard to believe that the bitbird label head only released his debut album 1 a few years ago. The LP was featured on just about every Top EDM Album List of 2018, with each track on the album offering a different take on love. Now the famed producer and musician further showcases these themes of love once more on his second full-length masterpiece, bb u ok?

“I tend to look at the music I put out as different chapters in my life … I wrote ‘bb u ok?’ during a new chapter of my life…I was learning how to deal with what happens ‘after love.’ I flew to LA and just started writing and writing, trying to express everything I had been feeling for the last few months. The change in scenery definitely helped, going back to LA [like I did for album1] brought back some good memories of that previous chapter.”

– San Holo

Featuring his signature euphoric soundscapes and guitar melodies, van Dijck’s soft vocals and lyrical messages of hope, and the use of distorted analog sound design, San Holo’s second full-length is ripe with imperfection, organic to its core, and wholly multi-dimensional. It’s further proof that San Holo’s expert-level production skills are an exercise in master class.

With previously released album singles, “you’ve changed, i’ve changed” with Chet Porter, “IT HURTS!,” “MY FAULT,” “black and white,” and “find your way” with Bipolar Sunshine, the entire album is emotionally stunning and technically precise. Add to that some all-star features from Rivers Cuomo of Weezer, The Nicholas, American Football, Mija, and Mr. Carmack, and the 20-track album makes for a must-listen album of the year.

Listen to bb u ok? below, out now on bitbird.

San Holo – bb u ok? LP

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