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sharlitz web spider cider

sharlitz web concocts delicious sonic recipe on two-track Wakaan EP, ‘Spider Cider’

A newcomer to SSKWAN back in May, Chicago-raised, Los Angeles-based producer sharlitz web impressed the masses with “Dark Places,” a haunting downtempo bass ride that marked her debut on Liquid Stranger’s Wakaan label spinoff. Now, the Black Widow is making her way to SSKWAN’s sister label to release her latest two-track debut EP, Spider Cider.

Glitchy entrances in the EP’s title track, “Spider Cider,” fall victim to spine-chilling drops and unearthly oscillations. “Ill Will” then expands upon the titular lead track through hair-raising, slicing basslines. Leaving listeners wanting more, Spider Cider is a tantalizing concoction that serves as a gateway to the other realm.

Sharlitz Web’s skills in sound design and audio manipulation allow her to create atmospheres, textures, and ambiences that reflect how she feels sonically. After the loss of her sister Charlotte, who was her muse, she feels she can embody Charlotte’s energy, using it as a vessel to channel her emotions. This opened her world to create music the way she does, inviting her into the sixth sense to communicate with her sister in the other realm. Speaking to EP’s release, she had the following to say:

“I’ve been a bass head since the womb and always wanted to be able to share my music on a platform like Wakaan the safe places they’ve created for us to come together as a community and be able to experience this realm of bass music…is unmatched.”

– sharlitz web

Fueled by the pain and beauty of all that life has to offer, sharlitz web enters the scene to influence the spread of deeper love through deep, venomous frequencies. Tangling her listeners into her web of liquid bass, dark melodies, and hyrbid beats, sharlitz web transforms low, heartfelt sonic frequencies into supernatural vibrations.

Check out the enigmatic newcomer’s Spider Cider EP below.

sharlitz web – Spider Cider EP

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