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ill.Gates, Ahee, EPROM, & more stage an all-out bass weapon assault in remixing EyezOnEyez & 42 dugg’s ‘Look What I Got’

Mysterious and wildly original, EyeOnEyez burst onto the music scene with a masked persona and a fresh new sound that’s aggressive, yet cerebral and haunting all at once. A lot is still yet to be learned about this enigmatic figure, but his artistry and ability to bring hot new artists together with rap legends is exactly what the industry has been craving for a while. Just look to his latest genre-crossing venture, a five-track remix package for his hit single, “Look What I Got,” featuring rising hip-hop sensation 42 dugg.

Stepping out of his hip-hop world briefly, and into the electronic dance music sector, EyezOnEyez calls some the bass music underground’s most keen talents up to the decks. He’s entrusted the likes of West Coast experimentalist EPROM, Producer Dojo master ill.Gates, left-field bass ship maestro AHEE, and more for official remixing duties. From AHEE’s trap-heavy rendering and ill.Gates’ blackbelt rhythms to EPROM’s aggressive, yet inventive musical formula that’s carefully manipulated to absolute precision, the remixes each feel like a “call to arms” in their own ways.

Then there’s Brooklyn producer Craz, who puts his destructive bass layers on top of “Look What I Got” with his Slugwifey sound design. Laced with his torrential bass textures, frenetic frequencies, and ambushing dubstep, Craz’s remix begs the question: “What are genres? Can we eat them?” Rounding out the EP is Rip Kenny, a newcomer out of Bend, Oregon who steps up the plate with an even more ominous approach (if that’s possible). Foreboding and dangerous, Rip Kenny’s treatment feels like an all-out Zombie afront with its apocalyptic sirens, assaulting rhythms, and overall sinister sound design.

Each highly diverse in their various approaches, this bass remixing “gaggle of saints” are able to each put their own production marks on “Look What I Got” while staying true to the EyeOnEyez signature sound: lush synths, haunting melodies, kamikaze trap drums, and melt-your-face-off 808s. Informed by an eclectic taste in jazz, electronica, trap, and hardcore hip-hop, one can only assume EyezOnEyez has spent years underground crafting his unique style of sound. Equally so with his commissioned class of remixers, who EyezOnEyez clearly cherry-picked by hand to highlight his aggressive production and deliver a visceral listening experience.

Stream the five-track remix pack below.

EyezOnEyez – “Look What I Got” The Remixes (ft. 42 dugg)

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