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From Discord to official record: How bitbird’s fan-made ‘create together vol. 2’ compilation continues to inspire creatives the world over

Artwork by Sven & Jisca.

When San Holo co-founded bitbird in 2014, the mission was not only to build a label dedicated to supporting creative freedom by releasing genre-bending music, that often didn’t have a place elsewhere in the music industry but to also inspire a community that’s fueled to “create forever.” 

At bitbird we’re constantly impressed by the determination of our fans to embody this motto. As a label that craves innovation, we were thrilled when members of our community reached out to us looking for feedback on a collection of songs they had collaborated on in a one-month, self-run, beat-making competition on Discord. “We loved the ten-track project and what it stood for so much that we had to make it an official release,” says bitbird’s creative director Thorwald van den Akker.

From this, the first create together compilation was born. Today the Norwegian indie imprint is proud to introduce the second installment of this initiative, titled create together vol. 2, a fan-made album created entirely by the bitbird community.

These nineteen diverse tunes were crafted by artists from all corners of the world who again rallied together on Discord. The “create together” initiative took place throughout March and featured masterclasses hosted on the platform by bitbird artists and creative staff. While embracing the independent spirit of the creators, the team also provide emerging artists with additional tips and tricks. Fans had the chance to dive into melodies and chords with Duskus, sound design and song structure with Rome in Silver, mixing and mastering with ILIVEHERE., and sound design and song identity with San Holo. 

I’m so proud of the bitbird community for making the create together initiative happen. It’s beautiful to see our community connecting to inspire & grow. This new era of online music making and collaborating is so exciting.

– San Holo

This year’s create together vol. 2 also introduced an opportunity for visual artists to participate by creating the album artwork. The chosen cover art features a bird called the sociable weaver. “Together, these birds create large community nests that can house over 100 pairs of birds, just like how [the Discord] server houses the bitbird community,” says designers Sven & Jisca, further solidifying that ‘create together vol. 2’ is a true fan-made release created and curated by the bitbird family. 

Artwork by Sven & Jisca.

With genres ranging from experimental electronic pop and energetic house to vocal acoustics and lo-fi bedroom beats, and more, create together vol. 2 showcases the individuality of each artist, yet everyone is connected with their passion for producing meaningful work.

“We’re ecstatic to see our community continue to soar with creativity and hope you enjoy this year’s compilation as much as we do. We, along with the 33 finalists, are pleased to finally share the compilation in full and hope it inspires others to create forever and create together.”

– Thorwald van den Akker, bitbird’s creative director

On Saturday, July 10, bitbird plans to celebrate the release with a live stream event featuring all artists on the album, along with bitbird namesakes Former Hero, Tails, Ian Munro, Tsu Nami, and Aiobahn.

bitbird – create together vol. 2

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