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Music to meditate to: Mfinity is grounded and inspired on gorgeously rendered debut EP, ‘Moments’

Hailing from the nation’s capital, Nick Neeley has certainly been diligent in carving out his own uniquely balanced sound trajectory. We’ve been closely monitoring his musical moniker Mfinity since the top of 2021 and Neeley’s musical progress throughout his debut EP rollout. Now, the Ohio-born/DC-transplant has delivered on an inspired four-tracker that he’s calling Moments. Out now via High Vibe Records, Mfinity told us previously of the label:

“I don’t think I could’ve found a more organic and supportive community.”

– Mfinity

The EP has already seen two single releases in “Through The Lens of The Forest” and “Here,” a track that CE had the pleasure of premiering back in early June. The two joiner tracks are a continuation of the EP’s already-strong themes and sonic motifs. Ripe with cascading melodies, blissful bass lines, organic field sampling techniques, tribal-tinged textures, beautiful beat work, and more, “Right Place” and “Worth The Wait” are just that for any listener paying attention to Mfinity’s thematic play.

From the Charlesthefirst-reminiscent track opener, “Here,” and the downtempo/chill-out aesthetic of “Through The Lens” to the unbridled experimentalism and emotive storytelling of the two new additions, Moments is truly grounded and statement-making when it comes to debut projects. Moreover, the EP fully showcases Neeley’s artistic resilience and technical strength in the studio, along with his own personal enlightenment.

Neeley says each track represents a different moment in his life (or yours) and how each of those moments led you to where you are presently: “Many of these times in our life we don’t realize the ‘Right Place, Right Time’ moments until after the fact.” He continues,

“This past year through the whole pandemic i had a lot of time to think and work on myself and realized how important it is to live in the moment and cherish every second we get “Here”. I think we all get caught up in whats coming ahead or what happened in the past and forget to stop and smell the roses every now and again. Cherish where you are in your life, and who you have around you.”

– Mfinity

All in all, this cohesive body of work is a balancing, meditative invitation to cleanse the body, mind, and soul. If it doesn’t inspire you to drop everything and take a short meditation, then we’d be truly surprised. Armed with an eclectic choice of divinely inspired soundscapes and a focus on a spiritual connection with nature, Mfinity’s sound is one that encourages self-reflection and internal exploration. Moments is the proof in the pudding.

Mfinity – Moments EP

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