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DMVU previews upcoming EP on Wakaan with usurping lead single, ‘Peach Smoothie’

After ten overdue months, DMVU returns to WAKAAN with “Peach Smoothie.” Acting as the lead single preceding his The Chain EP, “Peach Smoothie” is a bass blender meant to form goosebumps and raise hairs. Set for release on August 24, this eight-track record travels through various cinematic, dystopian dimensions. It’ll mark his first EP on WAKAAN since his Chemicals EP, which was released in september 2020. Packed to the brim with hollow basslines, dynamic frequencies, and behemoth drops, The Chain is an aural masterpiece that will have listeners buzzing.

For anyone living under a rock, DMVU is the alter ego of Denver based producer Matthew Philpott-Jones. The project came to light in 2015 after over half a decade of creating and releasing music under other aliases. He was initially inspired to start producing beats so he could rap over them before he quickly learned that he sucks at rapping. This naturally lead to exploring his own sound design that eventually found its way into the bass music scene

DMVU – Peach Smoothie

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