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Ookay, Flux Pavilion, Elohim -BE OK

Ookay, Flux Pavilion, and Elohim team up for cheerful collaborative single, ‘BE OK’

Ahead of his highly-anticipated, sophomore studio album, Ookay returns with “BE OK,” a star-studded collaboration with electronic music mainstay Flux Pavilion and multi-talented electronic alternative producer and singer/songwriter Elohim. Just like it’s title suggest, the collaborative single is a cheerful, energetic track that showcases the respective skillsets of each artist fused into a single, cohesive offering. 

This song has gone on quite a journey,” said Ookay in a press release. “Flux Pavilion stopped by my place in Los Angeles back in 2019 and we just bonded and worked on some ideas while playing around with midi, guitars and talked about life on my roof. Fast forward a year and a half later and after about 10 different versions of the song, I sent it to the amazingly talented Elohim who sent back some awesome vocals then we started writing back and forth. He continues,

“The song is about just wanting to be ok, which is a feeling most people can relate to. In your darkest moments, you want to find your way towards a more positive reality and this song is a yearning for that.”

– Ookay

As he’s shown with his recent releases, Ookay’s new single overflows with confidence as he expands on his new sound and style. “BE OK” is spacious and patient, two crucial qualities that enable Elohim’s stunning vocal prowess to shine, folding in beautifully with Ookay’s infectious top lines without being overwhelmed. While the vocals are a deserved focal point in this track, the buoyant melody also shines, providing an energetic base for the track to prop itself up on.

Despite their stylistic differences on their collaborative debut, the combination of Ookay, Flux Pavilion, and Elohim is one that is sure to leave fans eager for more. Ookay has consistently shown flashes of his creativity and growth, offering further proof that he stands head and shoulders above most contemporaries in his lane. 

Ookay, Flux Pavilion, and Elohim – BE OK

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