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VEIL reveals new Wakaan EP, 'IXXI'

VEIL is cloaked in pure greatness on squishy two-tracker Wakaan return, ‘IXXI’ EP

Featured photo: Tessa Paisan.

For the second time since launching her new creative project as VEIL, the veteran dubstep producer and Street Ritual owner returns to the wild and wonderful world of Wakaan for a victory lap on the left-field label. Nearly a full year has passed since the Philadelphian (named Becca Drylie-Perkins) released on the Liquid Stranger imprint with late 2020’s Summon EP. However, now the bass maven makes her grand re-entrance via a slippery two-track package, titled IXXI.

Right from the get-go, VEIL cloaks her beats in her signature formidable darkness. Lead and title track “IXXI” engulfs its listeners in a swarm of hypnotic bass varieties, dark dub lines, and gritty synth work upon entrance into her dangerous world of low end.

Once deep within the cave, the stomach to the “Hungry Dragon” rumbles, signifying the precise danger of what’s ahead. The only regretful thing of the EP is that there isn’t more to delve even deeper into VEIL’s sonic world. Once again, the spicy two-track deliverance, VEIL proves once again why she is a CE favorite and Top 10 Female Underground Bass Artist of 2021.

Fans can catch VEIL live this year in select cities during her and NotLö co-headlining tour, as support for Champagne Drip’s Champagne Trip Tour, and at music festivals such as Animas, Mad Mountain, Electric Zoo, Suwannee Hulaween, and even more to come.

Stream VEIL’s two-track EP below.


About VEIL

Philadelphian native Becca Drylie-Perkins is the highly explosive, dark, and mysterious bass music artist known as VEIL. Launching in 2020, the name may feel new and fresh to many not paying attention, but VEIL is actually a by-product of many years of creative evolution. Known for years under her spacegeishA moniker, this bass music veteran has toured the globe playing festivals from Imagine and Meow Wolf to Burning Man. Her former alias is also one of VEIL’s biggest influences, giving her the strength and confidence to take risks and set trends.

As VEIL, Drylie-Perkins produces her own original tracks with cutting-edge soundscapes, transporting listeners to cryptic dimensions where the bass rattles heavy and the mind. Her sound is refined but spicy chaos, weaving together elements from dubstep, drum-and-bass, halftime, and left field. The polished curation of a VEIL encounter combines her live selecting skills, original tracks, and custom visual elements—making each live set its own paradigm shift.

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