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EPROM & Alix Perez signal a return with sinister new SHADES single, ‘The Corruption’

When EPROM and Alix Perez first launched their side project SHADES with the release of “The Saga,” it’s hard to believe that was in 2016. Since that time, the formidable experimental bass duo has gone onto develop an avante-garde movement of sorts with the releases of their debut LP In Praise of Darkness, (2018), their equally ominous Black Heart Communion EP (2019), and is now what their culty fan following is a new project on the horizon. Afterall, the pair don’t tend to dole out one-off singles anymore. It’s usually in the service of a grander, more cohesive project when they return to the release radar.

Back in the studio once more, SHADES now releases a geniusly arranged sinister new single, titled “The Corruption,” which marks their first release in over two years. Very enigmatic in marketing their music, the two actually announced that they were quarantining together in Portland and locking down in the studio. The casual announcement was enough for SHADES fans to get excited about during the pandemic.

Now their hard work comes to fruition. On “The Corruption,” SHADES make excellent use of space on this track. They lay down an eerie sonic narrative, allowing granular, glitched-out synthes to ring in and out of reverberation. The backend of the track billows in volume, lending to a soundtrack like creation from the producers. Clocking in at just under three minutes, the track envelops listeners into SHADES’ deep, dark world. Their expertise in building tension through sound design, mixed with a penchant for fully embracing the evil in their thematic motifs, certainly captures listeners and refuses to let go until you’ve fully submitted to the darkness.

It’s safe to say with confidence that the new single marks the beginning of more SHADES music coming down the pipelines real soon. What that entails exactly is something only passing time will reveal.

Shades – The Corruption

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