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Stream ATYYA’s 6-track deliverance of experimental bass, ‘Cycles In Flux’ LP

As a CE regular and favorite, ATYYA (real name Tyy Clark) always seems to tickle our eardrums. Hailing from Vancouver, British Columbia, it’s obvious the lush forests and expansive wilderness of Canada’s western frontier have had an effect on his creativity. ATYYA’s newest LP, Cycles In Flux, sees him develop this sound further as he delivers more of what fans and critics alike have come to love about his music.

From its winding opening with “Revel” and the arp-filled “Obelisk” to the dark and eery “Epoch,” to the album’s midpoint track, “Myriad,” Cycles In Flux is itself a true listening journey as well as a new sonic direction for this world-inflected bass artist. “Monk Dub” is a continuation on the same theme, and calls to mind a hidden mountain temple. Bells and pads that seem to echo off of snowy cliffs drift in the atmosphere, and the slow, swung kick drum is the heartbeat of the deep, thoughtful tune.

Combining broken beat measure and deep dubstep elements with vivid soundscapes and off-kilter drum rhythms, the tracks on the album blend together to form a new direction for ATYYA’s sound design. Still familiar, yet fresh and exploratory, this is one album that all ATYYA fans need to hear.

ATYYA – Cycles In Flux LP

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