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ODESZA The Final Goodbye

ODESZA’s ‘The Last Goodbye’ marks the pair’s first musical output in over four years

After rustling some feathers within the ODESZA Family, and stirring up a viral marketing campaign in the process, Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight have given this gaggle of loyal fans a new breath of fresh air as well as a sigh of awe and relief. Today, February 8, the Seattle-based electronic bandmates have unveiled their first original tune since 2017’s A Moment Apart

The Foreign Family helmers have officially pulled back the curtain on their newest single, “The Last Goodbye,” a genre-crossing electronic throwback ditty featuring the soulful vocal stylings of Detroit R&B singer Bettye LaVette, who is credited as a featured artist.

“This song was born out of the concept of trying to bring these lasting, defining musical pieces like the 1965 release of ‘Let Me Down Easy’ by Bettye LaVette into a modern and contemporary electronic setting,” ODESZA says of the track.

“The idea of bringing two worlds together, that at first seem distant, has always been something we’ve been drawn to. It was an absolute honor to be able to work with Bettye’s voice over the course of writing the track. She’s able to convey emotion with her vocal work unlike any other. To date, this has been one of the more fulfilling songs we’ve had the chance to work on as artists. We hope everyone who listens enjoys the track as much as we did making it.”


Complete with delicious four-on-the-floor kicks, sweeping synths, and soulful basslines, “The Last Goodbye” is a groovy house cut that acts as both a nod to the past and a bridge to the present. Bringing R&B/soul to the forefront of “EDM,” the six-minute electronica tune marks a decisive creative turn for these musical tastemakers. After all, ODESA did announce back in 2018 that they wanted to take time off to reinvent their sound. If this track doesn’t signal a brand new direction, then what else would?

ODESZA – The Last Goodbye ft. Bettye LaVette

While it may be too soon to forecast a new ODESZA album on the horizon, “The Last Goodbye” sure has all the markings of a new creative cycle for the acclaimed duo. Add the fact that ODESZA point blankly stated “new music in 2022” when their junior album turned 4-years-old, along with another post from their label beckoning fans over “Who’s ready for next year?,” which ignited rumors of a possible tour. That was in November 2021, but what you’ve got from all these breadcrumbs is a recipe for an “all-but official” album tease.

Stay tuned for all emerging ODESZA news around their inevitable fourth album here. In the meantime, stream “The Last Goodbye” and be sure to watch the stunning 3D visualizer from Woosung Kang, which would sit nicely if it were a live stage teaser. The visuals do signal a 360-degree stage, but of course, time will tell all.

ODESZA – The Last Goodbye ft. Bettye LaVette (Official Visualizer)

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