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The Librarian - bass music producer

The Librarian delivers sophomore double-sided single to incoming EP, ‘miss u’

Featured photo: Jackson LoRes.

Known for her innovative DJ sets and cultural influence as Bass Coast Festival’s co-founder and music programmer, Andrea Graham is a women who needs no introduction. As the woman behind her on-stage alias, The Librarian, the forward-thinking phenom is gearing up for her forthcoming EP, entitled miss u. Following the project’s double-sided lead single, “Howe Sound” and “miss u,” The Librarian is back with another A/B single taken from the EP.

“Impulse” and “Vengeance” are both energetic tracks driven by melody and broken beats. The latter B-side, “Vengence,” is an energetic 140 bpm jungle track that is packed full of arps, classic drum samples, and layers of keys. The Librarian says of creating the track: “As a piano player, I had fun building up the different layers of this track and breaking them down again. The rolling bassline ties it all together and is meant to be played loud.”

The A-side, “Impulse,” is all about euphoria and the range of emotions that can wash over you on the dance floor. “It’s a melodic juke track that is equally at home at sunrise on the last day of the festival as it is in the club with a banging sound system,” continues Graham.

I was feeling hopeful and excited about the future while writing this in lockdown. Impulse is defined as a sudden strong and unreflective urge or desire to act or move.

– Andrea Graham, aka The Librarian

A celebrated DJ, producer, and curator of Bass Coast, which is recognized internationally for its forward-thinking music programming and installation art, The Librarian is widely considered one of bass music’s foremost creative minds and leading tastemakers. Equally an artist and entrepreneur, Andrea’s reputation as an inclusive community-builder in the electronic world has brought her a legion of fans and industry followers across the globe.

Growing up in Canada, Andrea studied classical piano, jazz piano, vocals, and guitar. Translating her skills into the boundless world of electronic music, Graham created her magnum opus, The Librarian, in the mid-2000s. A moniker inspired by her expansive library of music, The Librarian has since gone on to become one of the most impactful names in modern bass music.

Stream The Librarian’s dual-sided single, “Impulse” and “Vengance,” below.

The Librarian – Impulse / Vengance

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