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Electric Consciousness - Guest Mixtape - CANVAS

Electric Consciousness 010: Tune in to lift up with CANVAS’ sweltering bass guest mix

One widely-held truth that everyone can seem to agree on is this: Life is hard, and it doesn’t get any easier. We just get tougher. As one gains more and more life experience, it becomes crucial to practice everyday balance—spontaneity with routine, work with play, control with letting go, and tuning out the world by tuning into the body. Life is a balancing act.

That’s why Conscious Electronic is practicing balance with our Electric Consciousness guest mix series. Bringing you the latest in bass music— from heavy to experimental, tribal to future and funk, left-field to half-time, and more! This monthly mix series features artists on CE’s radar as they shape their growing discography, showcase what they’re currently listening to, and forecast what’s hot in the underground bass world.

Birthed in bass, with a penchant for underground sounds, CANVAS creates musical experiences that blur bass genre lines and spawn welcoming chaos. Armed with a dedication to self-expression and a passion for bass sounds that are infectious, inviting, and unrelenting, she’s been on CE’s radar since her inclusion in our Rising Bass Spotlight series. That’s why we’re ecstatic about CANVAS’ joining the growing legion of rising bass creators as part of the Electric Consciousness guest mix.

Trained as a classical musician, CANVAS utilizes her orchestral upbringing and love for diverse sounds to craft unique experiences that transcend genre and boldly play across the fine line of sound and noise. From lush, pulsing melodies to deep, dark, infectious bass lines, there’s no one in this space today that parallels her talent and energy. Her production style and stage presence are a breath of fresh air in the mix and something that will surely leave listeners mesmerized over.

Photo courtesy of CANVAS.

For her 40-minute heavy dubstep guest spot, CANVAS goes all-in on a few selects from her own musical catalog. Laying down tracks like “B.D.R. (Instrumental Mix),” “She Cuts (Like A Chemist),” a remix of Korn’s “Coming Undone,” and even one ID (that will most likely be arriving on her newest EP, out next week). She also includes some of her favorite artists, from Kyral x Banko, CHOMPPA and Elderbass, and Jalaya to smol and ASHEZ remixes, along with plenty of other noteworthy bass music producers.

Armed with unbridled passion, ambition, pure energy, and intensity, it is becoming a widely indisputable fact that CANVAS is a rare talent within the underground bass scene. She consistently delivers music that touches the mind, body, and soul for a full transformative bass experience. For anyone who hasn’t yet undergone the CANVAS experience, you’ll just have to listen for yourself now.

Join CANVAS as she takes you on an unforgettable journey through sound in volume ten of our guest mix series!

Electric Consciousness | Vol. 010 | CANVAS

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