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GRiZ releases live sets from both nights of Space Camp

MUST LISTEN: GRiZ shares live sets from both nights of Space Camp via Apple Music

Featured photo courtesy of GRIZ/Instagram.

For those who attended GRiZ‘s specially curated two-night event inside Hampton Coliseum, they’ll probably tell you to never skip a Space Camp event moving forward. Those sets are now available to listen back to on Apple Music. Not only do listeners get a high-quality audio experience to relive both nights of Space Camp, but a full tracklist of those coveted sets with a couple of IDs.

For those who don’t have Apple Music, GRiZ mentioned in a tweet that the sets would be available on other digital streaming platforms soon. GRiZ even elaborated in another tweet that his team is running into copyright issues on some platforms since he doesn’t own some of the songs. “It’s complicated,” he said.

Keep checking back here to see which DSPs will host the sets.

Live from Space Camp – Night 1 (DJ Mix)

Live from Space Camp – Night 2 (DJ Mix)

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