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REZZ is reportedly working on her sophomore album

Anyone whose had the privilege of witnessing REZZ live knows she has an arsenal of unreleased music at her finger tips. Between her jam-packed touring schedule and the hoards of time she spends on Twitter engaging her homegrown cult, it’s a wonder how the “Space Mom” makes time to focus on new music. Perhaps it’s the sheer amounts of time she spends on the tour bus, or the oceans of water she’s been drinking lately. Perhaps her insomnia is to thank. Whatever the case, REZZ has proven on and off the stage that she’s anything but human.

In addition to headlining Shambhala Music Festival and her very own REZZ Rocks event this year, Rezazadeh has also revealed to her fan base that she is in the thick of her next big project — just six months after the young Canadian producer rose to icon status with the release of her debut album, Mass Manipulation.

While it’s much too soon to say whether REZZ’s sophomore album will serve up another dose of hypnotic, industrial-tinged bass music or veer towards the alien sounds of Neptune, we venture to guess it’ll sit somewhere at the crossroads between planet earth and the vast expanse of the cosmos.