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Barclay Crenshaw releases exclusive All My Friends mix, ‘Transmission 003’

Project Blue book is alive and well. The Majestic 12 are still living among us, infiltrating our daily lives and spreading propaganda. Barclay Crenshaw is here to shield you from the constant assault on your common sense. For those of you who want to contact the others, unfortunately you must stay hidden. Try cloaking your signals behind heavy bass patterns as they seem to work well against even the most modern scanners.

Your next move is hidden somewhere in transmission 003. Stay safe.

Barclay Crenshaw will play at All My Friends (AMF) Music Festival, Destructo‘s newest venture since leaving his HARD brand behind.

AMF will take place August 18-19 in Downtown Los Angeles. Grab tickets here.

Float Fly – Barclay Crenshaw
Brockhampton – 2pac
Valee – Womp womp (Ft. Jeremiah)
Hati X Limaru – Who Run it
Hendy – What Herbie Said
luke leadbelly x Samurai Break – send back
Mad Zach – Dark Street
Anti Negative – Cleanse
Razat – Fuzz (Shield Remix)
Telepopmusik – Breathe (Frequent & Hudson Mohawke Remix)
Pro Era – Capital Steez
Great Dane – Dirty Daddy (Oakk Remix)
Tinyghost – Dou
Munchi – Shottas (Camo UFOS remix)
Camo UFOs – Basement Crue
Proc Fiskal – A Fragrance
Halogenix – Blej (VIP)
Frequent – Pumple Snout
Phairo – I’ll Give