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David Guetta remixes Calvin Harris and Sam Smith’s ‘Promises’

When pop heavyweights Calvin Harris and Sam Smith teamed up on their provocative end-of-summer anthem in “Promises,” it was a superstar match that would spur immediate chart topping success. So much, in fact, that it would secure Harris as the artist with the decade’s most chart-topping hits in the UK and spawn a politically poignant music video nodding to ball culture.

So it was only a matter of time before the outpouring of remixes would begin. The most high profile remix to arise from Harris and Smith’s brainchild comes care of David Guetta, who is himself fresh off the heals off his seventh studio album and an amazing tech-house mixtape. A dance veteran and global tastemaker in his own right, Guetta transforms the track into a promising progressive house cut that is perfectly suited for any mainstage.

Guetta brings “Promises” from it’s vintage 1980s aesthetic into the new millennium by replacing the song’s sultry, melancholy appeal with  buoyancy and vibrance. All the while, Guetta remains true to the song’s original intent by keeping the chorus fully in tact, and building around Smith’s wistful melody to keep listeners uplifted and inspired. It’s a style that harkens back to Guetta’s 2011 album, Nothing But The Beat — and it is sure to bring forth a bit of nostalgia in every listener.